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Oooooohhhhh… Absolutely beautiful.

It was a quick glance across the bar that started it all.  Harvey was deep in a game of pool with some waitress whose name he couldn’t even remember.  But across the bar there was this guy - five o’clock shadow, plain red t-shirt.  Absolutely delectable.

"Hey, you’re almost at zero," the waitress commented, pointing to the numbers on the top of Harvey’s left wrist.

Harvey glanced down and, sure enough, he was almost at zero.  He’d almost completely forgotten about the numbers slowly counting down towards the exact moment he would speak to his soul mate.

"Guess that means I’m not the one," the waitress said with a sigh.

"Guess not," Harvey replied, glancing across the bar and trying not to be disappointed when he noticed the guy in the red shirt had disappeared.  He sighed and took a swallow of beer, looking down at his wrist to watch it slowly count down to zero.  He almost didn’t want to look to see who it would be.  He knew that whoever he talked to in the next twenty seconds would be his soul mate, but … 

A cough caught his attention and when he looked up, he was face to face with the guy in the red shirt.


"Hey," the guy said, offering his hand.  "I’m Mike."


Harvey smiled and set his beer down on the pool table, taking the man’s hand in his, smiling wider as he felt a zing shoot through his hand.



"Hi Mike," Harvey said.  "I’m Harvey."

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